7th International Conference on Geological Repositories - Empowering Progress in Development of Deep Geological Repositories


Peter Bennett

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND), Norway

Technical Lead, Spent Fuel Management


Peter Bennett has 35 years of experience in the nuclear industry, working on severe accident experiments, development of nuclear fuel reprocessing flowsheets, corrosion of nuclear reactor materials and in-core fuel and cladding behaviour. His employment began with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). He has worked at the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) since the year 2000 and is currently seconded to Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND). He is Chemistry Manager for the Halden research reactor and Senior Spent Fuel Advisor. His role involves development of strategy for the lifetime management of Norway's 17 tonnes of spent fuel, including treatment, storage, and disposal.