7th International Conference on Geological Repositories - Empowering Progress in Development of Deep Geological Repositories


John Corderoy

Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), United Kingdom

Chief Technical Officer


John Corderoy is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Nuclear Waste Services. He leads a multi-disciplinary team of 230 geologists, engineers, scientists and radioactive waste specialists, working on the mission to develop and deliver disposal facilities in the UK. The mission spans the current operations at the Low Level Wate Repository, through to the siting and design of the UK’s deep Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). The GDF represents a first of a kind capability for the final disposal of the UK’s significant stockpile of high-level radioactive waste. It will safely and passively isolate the waste deep underground for hundreds of thousands of years. Previously John had a 30-year career with the Royal Navy as a nuclear submariner; and as the UK’s Director of Nuclear Propulsion he was responsible for all aspects of designing, delivering and supporting submarine reactor plants. Having spent the first 30 years of his career generating waste, John is now firmly committed to the difficult challenge of delivering disposal solutions.