7th International Conference on Geological Repositories - Empowering Progress in Development of Deep Geological Repositories


Laura McManniman

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), United States

Used Fuel and High-Level Waste Senior Technical Leader


Laura McManniman is a Senior Technical Leader at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Her research activities support the management of used fuels from current fleet reactors and prepare for the management of used fuels from advanced reactors. Prior to joining EPRI in 2023, Laura served as a Technical Officer at the International Atomic Energy Agency within the Department of Nuclear Energy. Her work at IAEA focused on supporting Member States through management and coordination of projects relating to spent fuel storage, reprocessing and recycling, and transportation. She was responsible for international coordinated research projects relating to spent fuel cladding integrity and characterization. Laura began her career in the nuclear industry at Sellafield Limited (United Kingdom) where she worked in numerous roles supporting oxide fuel reprocessing operations, preparations for long term spent fuel storage, and strategic oversight of higher activity waste management. She holds a Master of Chemistry Degree from University of Liverpool. As IAEA Scientific Secretary, she produced a Nuclear Energy Series publication and several Technical Documents while contributing to the delivery of many more.