Innovative approaches for future-ready adult learning systems


Jakub Stolfa

DRIVES (Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Education Skills)

Project Manager & Coordinator


Jakub is the program manager and academic staff member at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, where he has also received his Ph.D. At VSB – TUO he is responsible for the skills agenda in the Automotive-Mobility ecosystem, where besides other activities and projects in the field, he is together with his team coordinating the DRIVES project, the Blueprint project for the Automotive sector, and leading the WP in ALBATTS project, the Blueprint project for Batteries for Electromobility sector. His recent activities are strongly focused on a sustainable and pragmatic approach towards the skills agenda in Automotive Ecosystem, establishing the Automotive Skills Alliance, as Pact for Skills partnership in Automotive-Mobility Ecosystem. He has experience in project/program management, development of training and education programs, technical background in Informatics and Mechatronics in the Automotive ecosystem.