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Gabriele Keller

Mama lernt Deutsch!

Project Manager for Munich East


Gabriele Keller is the Project Manager of Mama lernt Deutsch for Munich East. After volunteering as a German instructor at various refugee camps in Munich, Gabriele joined Mama lernt Deutsch in 2019, where she works closely with the founder of the project, Riki Überreiter. Mama lernt Deutsch’s goal is to help all women, regardless of their origin, education level, religion and background, to take their first steps toward learning the German language, since mastering the local language is a key element for integration. The program runs in 24 different facilities all over Munich. It is their endeavour that women teach women, and that any woman who is ready to integrate can access their services close to her home and without layered bureaucracy. Currently, there are 90 volunteers teaching German to about 300 women at Mama lernt Deutsch. Before joining Mama lernt Deutsch, Gabriele worked as a medical technician at the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute in Vienna and as a medical editor in Munich. Gabriele holds a Master’s Degree in Political science, History and Spanish from the University of Vienna.