Innovative approaches for future-ready adult learning systems


Miriam Korstanje


Senior Project Manager


As programme manager, Miriam Korstanje is responsible for the SME programmes within Katapult on digitalisation and lifelong development. Katapult is an open source learning network of more than 450 public-private partnerships with vocational education and companies. Mrs. Korstanje is Katapult’s Business Model Development expert, with ample experience in training project leaders, schools and companies in business development. She has worked across many sectors and is specialized in working in the triple helix for both education and innovation. In the Netherlands, there are a number of financing options for development of lifelong learning programmes funded by the Dutch government. With subsidy program SME Idea (MKB!dee), the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Social Affairs and Employment are supporting entrepreneurs who have a good idea for stimulating employee development in their company, branch or region. With MKB!dee, SME entrepreneurs are challenged to develop solutions to increase investment in the training and development of their personnel. The development of these solutions is supported by subsidies. From PTVT we support these SME companies in the execution and we ensure the dissemination of good practices.