Innovative approaches for future-ready adult learning systems


Hang Ho

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Head of International Markets


Hang Ho leads J.P. Morgan’s philanthropic efforts across International Markets where she is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the firm’s economic inclusion and social mobility agenda across 36 countries. This includes a portfolio of programmes working to improve skills, employment and financial health outcomes for underserved individuals and communities through the combination of J.P. Morgan’s financial and non-financial resources, in partnerships with governments, non-profit and private sector organisations. Outside the firm, Hang participated in the CityUK Social Mobility Steering Group which is responsible for bringing CityUK members together to share best practice and raise awareness of activities to promote social mobility among financial and professional companies. Hang also served on the London Child Poverty Delivery Group for place-based programs, set up by UK Ministers to tackle child poverty in London, as well as the Deputy Chair of the Mayor’s Skills for Londoners Taskforce which shapes London’s new skills strategy. She is currently on the advisory board of the Education Endowment Foundation.