Sixth International Conference on Geological Repositories (ICGR-6): Advancing Geological Repositories from Concept to Operation


Pär Grahm

Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB)

Head of Repository Technology

Job title

Head of Repository Technology


Mr Pär Grahm is 49 years old and has 25 years of experience working in the nuclear industry. Since 2016, Mr Grahm is head of the unit Repository Technology at the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) and Director of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. Mr Grahm has previously been head of the Technology development team at SKB and has also acted as project manager for the retrieval of the full-scale Prototype Repository at Äspö HRL 2010-2015 and the DOMPLU project, a full-scale test of a deposition tunnel plug, between 2011-2015. Before SKB, Mr Grahm worked for 12 years at the Nuclear Power Plant in Oskarshamn (OKG) managing various projects including advancement of the powerplants’ physical protection, licensing of power upgrades of reactor unit 2 and 3, and design and construction of a state-of the-art repository for low-level radioactive waste.

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