Sixth International Conference on Geological Repositories (ICGR-6): Advancing Geological Repositories from Concept to Operation


Pascale Jana Künzi

Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Regional Participation Specialist (Stakeholder Involvement Specialist)

Job title

Regional Participation Specialist (Stakeholder Involvement Specialist)


Ms Pascale Jana Künzi is a Regional Participation Specialist at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy since December 2010. She is responsible for the discussion concerning the placement of the necessary surface infrastructure for a deep geological repository (DGR) with the so-called regional conferences and thus has extensive experience with stakeholder involvement. Ms Künzi became a Member of the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) in November 2012 and is FSC-Chair since September 2016. Previously, Ms Künzi was a Scientific Officer (Environment, Energy, Science and Health) at the Swiss Embassy in Berlin (2006-2010). Ms Künzi has a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies with Minors in Philosophy and Sociology from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, United States. She has an LLM in International Law with International Relations from University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

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