Sixth International Conference on Geological Repositories (ICGR-6): Advancing Geological Repositories from Concept to Operation

April 4, 2022
08:00 - 17:30
Registration and badge pick-up
13:30 - 17:30
Younger Generation Session (in person)
The Younger Generation Session will only be available to in person participants. During the Younger Generation Session, participants will discuss challenges in the development of geological repositories, their needs for support in education, research and career development, and innovative methods to engage the Younger Generation. There will also be an overview of NEA, IAEA and EC activities to support education and career development in nuclear field. University students (Bachelor, Master and PhD students) and young professionals will be separated into 3-5 groups. There will be 3-5 facilitators (young professionals) for leading discussions of 3 topics. Each question will be discussed in 20 – 25 minutes. Proposed topics include: (1) Topic 1: Define innovation. What is being done or could be done to make it a reality (in this industry)? (2) Topic 2: What do you believe the obstacles in this field are? What are some solutions? How should the intergeneration issue be addressed? (3) Topic 3: What type of practical knowledge would you like to have imparted upon entering the field? Useful information or techniques?
RogerGarbil (European Commission)HeidarGharbieh (Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)RichardJayne (Sandia National Laboratories)William D.Magwood, IV (Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA))GeraldNieder-Westermann (International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA))ShogoNishikawa (Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan)VilleRinta-Hiiro (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)RebeccaTadesse (Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA))
15:00 - 15:20
19:30 - 23:00
ICGR-6 Conference Dinner at Meripaviljonki
Säästöpankinranta 3 00530 Helsinki