OECD Forum Series 2023 : How AI Might Change Our Jobs & What We Can do About It


Susan Scott-Parker OBE

Chief Executive, Business Disability International; Founder, Disability Ethical AI


Susan Scott-Parker OBE is a global expert and thought leader on disability as it affects business, with over 30 years’ experience internationally as Founder of business disability international (bdi) and previously as Founder and CEO of the first business disability network, the UK based Business Disability Forum (BDF). Susan coined the concept and defined the best practice she branded: 'Disability Confidence' in 2003, shaping a new conversation with business that has had a global impact – shaping the discourse in Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Austria, UK and beyond . She is uniquely able to help global organisations to become 'Disability Confident' and to assist governments, NGO’s and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities to deliver better outcomes for disabled people by themselves becoming more ‘business confident.' As strategist and Content Architect of the new Self -Assessment recently launched by the ILO Global Business Disability Network, she continues to set the challenging but achievable performance standards that benefit both business and people with disabilities. In 2020, Susan created Scott-Parker International, a new venture connecting people who would ordinarily never meet due to sectoral, geographic and/or cultural boundaries, resulting in extraordinary creativity and productive collaborations. Susan’s work includes: - Leading a multi-stakeholder volunteer led global campaign - Disability Ethical AI -to redress the balance between the opportunities and the threats presented by HR technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) powered recruitment. - Providing independent strategic advice to global corporations, governments, international development agencies, disabled social entrepreneurs - and to those who need to re-engineer the complex systems that get in the way for both people with disabilities and business - Designing multi-stakeholder consultations addressing complex issues such as those facing persons with facial disfigurements, e.g. supporting the foundation of Face Equality International under the leadership of the late James Partridge - Offering ambassadorial and mentoring support to global influencers including the Essl Foundation, Zero Project, PurpleSpace and the PurpleLightUp movement and Valuable 500 - Mentoring global business disability networks, aspiring business leaders & social entrepreneurs with disabilities.