OECD Health Ministerial and High-Level Policy Forum


Jacqueline Bowman

European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)

Head of Policy

Ms Jacqueline Bowman-Busato is Head of Policy at EASO (European Association for the Study of Obesity) in Brussels. As such, she represents the voice of a 20000+ strong community of Clinicians, health professionals, researchers, Public Health professionals and students in 36 countries across WHO EURO region. She coordinates the MEP Interest Group on Obesity and Health System Resilience and the Obesity Policy Engagement Network EU Hub. In her personal capacity, Jacqueline is an Expert (Consumers, Citizens and Patients) at the European Medicines Agency due to her volunteer work at the Foundation for the Rights of Citizens with Obesity which she co-founded in 2021. Jacqueline is a Peer Reviewed author in the domains of health system transformation, health policies, health economics and citizens' rights. She has also appeared on the BBC, Politico and is a sought-after policy expert in the field of obesity and health system transformation. She has worked in the Brussels environment since 1995 towards transforming health ecosystems from policy to reality. A pioneer of multi-stakeholder coalition building for societal impact, Jacqueline has previously worked for an MEP, ran the expert secretariat of a European Parliamentarian Interest Group, headed up the Brussels office of a global NGO, transformed a patient-led platform into an equally weighted multi-stakeholder think tank for patients, science and industry. She strongly believes in empowering all actors to be effective and engaged in optimising health ecosystems for health outcomes relevant to all actors across sectors through evidence-based policies. She lives with two major complex chronic diseases of autoimmune hashimotos and obesity: both of which affect physical and mental health and wellbeing. Jacqueline holds degrees in English Law, French Law, Strategic Communications and an MBA. She’s a Guyanese born dual British-Belgian national, speaks fluent French and has a very good passive understanding of Dutch.