OECD Health Ministerial and High-Level Policy Forum


OECD Health Committee

Chris Mullin

Chair of the OECD Health Committee

Chris Mullin is Chair of the OECD’s Health Committee. He has led the United Kingdom delegation since 2017, sat on the Committee Bureau since 2021 and is currently serving a second year as Chair. Chris is Chief Economist in the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care and the senior analytical adviser to the Secretary of State. Since his appointment in 2016, he has overseen major analytical programmes across public health, productivity, workforce and social care reform, expanded the UK’s health and care statistics portfolio and led the UK’s health analysis throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He has previously held senior economic and policy positions in the National Health Service, UK Prime Minister’s Office and His Majesty’s Treasury, with diplomatic experience at the International Energy Agency, leading on climate change. He currently chairs the UK Government’s Chief Analysts group.