OECD Health Ministerial and High-Level Policy Forum



María Teresa Barán Wasilchuk

Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare

Born on August 25, 1970, Dr. María Teresa Barán Wasilchuk is a surgeon and specialist in Family Medicine, with wide experience in public health and voluntary service to the community. She is a specialist in Health Services Management, as well as Aesthetic Medicine. She also has a postgraduate degree in University Teaching. She was Deputy Minister of Public Health (2013 – 2018), also General Director of the National Malaria Eradication Service, (2018-2020). She served as Secretary of Health and President of the Regional Health Council of the Departmental Government of Itapúa from 2010 to 2013. She served as director of the Regional Hospital of Encarnación between 2001 and 2011, also of the Pediatric Hospital, and was Coordinator of the National Health Program against Diabetes. She served as Director of the Paraguayan Center for Population Studies of the Family Clinic of Encarnación and served as Health Director of the City Hall of Encarnación. In the field of teaching, she was a medical instructor at the Medical School of the National University of Itapúa, as well as Coordinator of Medical Residencies at the Medical School of Encarnación. Currently, she is a member of the Higher University Council of the National University of Itapúa.