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Péter Takács

State Secretary for Health of the Ministry of Interior Affairs

Péter Takács, MD, is the State Secretary for Health of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Hungary. He graduated as a physician and started his career in the field of forensic medicine at Semmelweis University, where he served as President of the Hungarian Resident Association and was a Member of the National Board of the Hungarian Medical Chamber between 2007-2017. After being involved in pharmacovigilance studies he acted as medical expert at the Hungarian Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines and acting regional director of the State Health Care Centre. From 2015 he was Head of the Department of Finance and Director of the Outpatient Care at North-Buda Centre Hospital, where he later served as director-general. Between 2017-2019, he served as Head of Department for Health Policy at the Ministry of Human Capacities. From 2019 he was deputy director general to Primary and Specialist Care at the National Healthcare Service Centre, until his appointment as Secretary of State in 2022. As State Secretary for Health, his main objectives include catching up with the EU average in terms of years spent in good health, improving care close to home and improving health resilience in crisis situations.