OECD Health Ministerial and High-Level Policy Forum

Frederico Guanais

Deputy Head of the Health Division

At the Health Division, he leads key initiatives in areas including health statistics, people-centred health systems, assessing the impact of climate change on health systems, and developing the groundbreaking Patient-Reported Indicators Survey (PaRIS). This large-scale, multi-country initiative aims to benchmark the performance of health systems internationally from the patient's perspective. He also directs the Division’s efforts in facilitating the effective implementation of health reforms in European countries and regional initiatives across Latin America and the Caribbean. Before joining the OECD, he contributed to strengthening health systems in Latin America and the Caribbean as a Principal Health Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank. His previous roles included Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Social Development at the Federal Government of Brazil during its major expansion of social policy programmes. He has an extensive record of academic publications on primary care and health systems strengthening. He is a dual citizen of Brazil and Italy, enriched by a multicultural background shaped by living and working in various global cities including Brasilia, Lima, Washington, DC, New York, and Paris. He holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration, with a focus on health policy, from New York University.