OECD Health Ministerial and High-Level Policy Forum



Jakob Forssmed

Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health

Jakob Forssmed has been the Swedish Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health since 2022. Mr Forssmed has an academic background in political science with studies equivalent to a master’s degree in political science from University of Gothenburg. He has since been active in national politics as a key person for his political party, the Christian Democrats, serving as chief of staff, economic policy spokesperson and as a state secretary. He has been a member of the Swedish Riksdag for three terms of office, from 2003 until recently, when he was appointed as Minister. Combating involuntary loneliness has been one of Mr Forssmed’s political priorities since he was a member of the Swedish Riksdag. As a minister, he tasked the Public Health Agency to develop a national plan against loneliness and isolation and oversaw the allocation of government funding to enable civil society engagement in combatting this issue. In April 2023, during Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the EU, he took the initiative to host the first EU high-level meeting on addressing loneliness. The meeting brough together over 80 delegates from EU member states, academia, and civil society to discuss the issue from different perspectives. Minister Forssmed is one of 11 Commissioners in WHOs global commission on Social Connection.