8th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment


Mafalda Duarte

Climate Investment Funds

Chief Executive Officer


Mafalda Duarte is CEO of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), an $8.5 billion multilateral fund supporting climate action in 72 developing countries for over a decade. Since assuming her position in 2014, Mafalda has implemented a pioneering vision centered on blazing new paths in leadership and learning in scaled climate action. CIF’s more than 300 investments are well known for enabling breakthroughs in renewable energy deployment and access, sustainable forestry, and climate resilience. Mafalda is harnessing CIF’s unique business model—one that prioritizes sounder investment decisions and behavior change over traditional project finance—to achieve the triple win of market creation, investment returns, and social inclusion. Under her leadership, CIF has developed new programs and investment vehicles to rapidly help drive up global ambition on climate. Prior to CIF, Mafalda served in a variety of high-level positions at the intersection of climate action and international development in over 30 developing countries, working within governments and organizations such as the African Development Bank and the World Bank. She has been quoted in Reuters, BBC World Service, and Al Jazeera.