7th Forum on Green Finance and Investment 2020


Chip Cunliffe

Director, Sustainable Development


Chip established and manages AXA’s Ocean Risk Initiative which works to identify innovative insurance and finance solutions to the impacts and implications of ocean-related risk. Alongside key partners, he has led the development of the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance launched at the recent UN Climate Action Summit in New York to incentivise private investment and blended finance into coastal natural capital by pioneering ground-breaking products that help build resilience and address ocean-related risks. Chip led and co-hosted the first Ocean Risk Summit in May 2018 and is developing an Ocean Risk Index to better model the impact of degraded coastal ecosystems with the increased risks from climate change. 2009 – 2016, Chip managed three major ocean science expeditions focused on Arctic sea-ice loss, coral reef health and deep ocean resilience. In 2012 he launched AXA’s Oceans Education program – a curriculum-led syllabus for students aged between 7-16, designed to increase ocean literacy around the world.