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Petra Majdič



Petra Majdič (born 22 December 1979 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian former cross-country skier. Her best results came in classic style races. She won twenty-four World Cup races, twenty in sprint races, but she also won a marathon (30 km race) in Trondheim in 2009. She is the first Slovenian cross-country skier to win the World Cup race, the first to get a medal at the World Championships and the first to get an Olympic medal. With 20 wins, Majdič is the second-most successful sprinter in FIS Cross-Country World Cup history and with 24 wins in total she's the fourth-most successful World Cup competitor of all time. Petra is a national hero. Her achievement at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 was astonishing. Just a few hours before the start of the most important race of her career she fell in a hole near the cross country course and broke her ribs. When everybody thought she would give up she surprised. She went all the way to the final and won the bronze medal. Afterward she was rushed to hospital. Petra is now involved in many projects in Slovenian business world and has her own company; she represents a sports clothes and equipment brand (One Way), gives motivation lectures and team building camps.

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