Government Beyond Recovery: Towards a future-fit public sector


Matija Kodra

Ministry of Public Administration of Republic of Slovenia

Project manager at


In past twelve years (2008 - ) I have gained work experience, skills and knowledge in the field of Slovenian Public Administration Reform Programme and on the basis of cooperation at the international level (European institutions, OECD (OPSI), EU networks (EUPAN, SCM Steering Group, Better regulation Group,...). Since 2018, as project manager at (2018 - ), I have been in charge of carrying out activities related to establishment of supportive environment and conditions for creatively resolving challenges and providing knowledge and the employees’ competencies for a different way of working. Our wish is that innovative approaches become our every day, we want to strengthen the innovation culture in the environment of public administration. The aim of it all is to employ innovative methods in partnership between public administration, citizens, civil society and the private sector to achieve better-quality solutions in a more user-friendly service.

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