Government Beyond Recovery: Towards a future-fit public sector


Daniel Gerson


Senior Manager, Public Employment and Management


Daniel Gerson leads the OECD’s project on Public Employment and Management, with a mission to help governments understand and shape the changing nature of work in their civil services. In this capacity, Mr. Gerson oversees the collection of data and development of research, organises events and advises governments on People Management and Civil Service Reform. Mr. Gerson manages the work of the OECD’s Public Employment and Management working party (the PEM); a committee of senior officials representing institutions which set public employment policy in OECD countries’ national governments. The PEM has recently developed the Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability which is the first set of global standards for effective people management in central governments. The PEM is now undertaking research on the future of work in the public service, including the changing skills needed, and the employment systems and leadership required to attract, develop and retain talent. Prior to joining the OECD, Mr. Gerson was responsible for a range of projects in the Canadian Federal Public Service, where he worked on developing policies to support social innovation, and helped to design and implement a variety of organisational and civil service reforms. Mr. Gerson holds a Master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of British Colombia in Canada and a Master’s in Public Management from the University of Potsdam in Germany.

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