Government Beyond Recovery: Towards a future-fit public sector


Dan Podjed

Executive Advisor
EASA Applied Anthropology Network


Dan Podjed is an applied anthropologist from Slovenia, devoted to developing people-friendly products and solutions for the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. He is a Research Fellow at Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, a Researcher at Innovation and Development Institute of the University of Ljubljana, and an Assistant Professor for Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Ljubljana. He initiated establishing of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network and co-founded Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium. He has led several applied and interdisciplinary projects (DriveGreen, Invisible Life of Waste, etc.) and has been involved in the development of various ethnography- based solutions (MOBISTYLE, TripleA-reno, PEOPLE, etc.). Currently, he is “digging through trash” of six cities (Ljubljana, Graz, Trieste, Zagreb, Oslo, and Dubai) to understand waste as a relevant actor in global networks of production and consumption and to develop a new IT solution that will help detect and visualise the production of waste in households as well as promote waste reduction.