Global Deal Annual High-Level Social Dialogue Forum


Nyagoy Nyong’o

Fairtrade International

Global CEO


Nyagoy has served as the Executive Director of Fairtrade Africa from 2013 to December 2020, and has a long history with Fairtrade, having also been an auditor for Max Havelaar Switzerland and FLOCERT. Born and brought up in Kenya by a mother who was a farmer and witnessing the struggles she bore, Nyagoy’s passion for improved livelihoods for small-scale farmers and workers deepened over the years. Nyagoy has worked within multi-cultural environments where, apart from short-term missions in many African countries and in Europe, she has also lived and worked in Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Kenya, U.S. and Switzerland. She holds MSc and PhD degrees in Forest Biology from Iowa State University and a BSc in Forestry from the University of Nairobi.

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