Global Deal Annual High-Level Social Dialogue Forum


Juliane Bir

European Trade Union Confederation - ETUC

Head of Trade Union Policy


A graduate in Industrial Relations, Juliane Bir began her professional career as a social worker in France in 1998. She then engaged in the labour movement and worked for several years as officer in charge of the youth policy of one of the French trade union confederations. In parallel, she was elected to the Bureau of the European Youth Forum, achieving a mandate from 2003 to 2004. In 2004, she became advisor and later senior advisor at the European Trade Union Confederation in Brussels. She was in charge of different dossiers such as Youth, Organising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Dialogue and Relations with EU Institutions. She is now Head of Trade Union Policy and she coordinates ETUC priorities linked to, amongst others, Social Dialogue, Collective Bargaining and Gender equality.

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