Global Deal Annual High-Level Social Dialogue Forum


Anwar Sanusi

Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Manpower


Mr. Anwar Sanusi has been the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Manpower since 2020 while previously, he was the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration from 2015 – 2020. Beginning his career as a civil servant in the State Administration Agency (LAN RI), Mr. Anwar’s portfolio included Head of Center for the Study of Institutional Performance, Head of the Center for Institutional Innovation and Apparatus Resources, and Head of Policy Analyst Development Center. Mr. Anwar Sanusi earned his bachelor’s degree of Governance Science from Gadjah Mada University. He continued his magister and doctoral education at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Saitama university and earned degrees of Master in Policy Analysis and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy.

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