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Lauri Haav

Managing Director
e-Residency of Estonia


Lauri Haav heads up Estonia’s e-Residency programme, a government start-up that has revolutionised how a country can serve entrepreneurs from outside its borders. Since 2014, e-Residency has empowered startup founders and freelancers alike by providing them with a secure means of digital identification and the ability to register a truly location-independent business in an EU member state and the world’s most digital society. Every entrepreneur who has an e-resident digital ID can access Estonia’s e-services, sign documents digitally, and launch and run their business 100% online. Lauri Haav has more than 20 years of private sector experience in the field of IT and fintech, having co-founded MarkIT.eu and having additionally held senior positions in innovation-driven global companies such as Monese and Helmes.