2023 Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector


Sarosh Kuruvilla

Cornell University

Andrew J. Nathanson Family Professor in Industrial and Labor Relations


Sarosh Kuruvilla is the Andrew J. Nathanson Professor of Industrial Relations and Asian Studies at Cornell University, where he has taught for 30 years. His primary research has been concerned with the relationship between economic development and national labor and skills policies, on which he has consulted with several Asian governments. Professor Kuruvilla is currently the Academic Director of the Global Labor Institute at Cornell University. The Institute focuses on research and conversations with regard to social and labor issues in global supply chains. Formerly known as the New Conversations Project, the institute has a network of scholars who carry out empirical research, using data from global companies, suppliers, multi-stakeholder agencies, and auditing companies. Institute staff also provide consulting services to companies by analyzing their supply chain labor data to help them improve their programs.

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