Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector


Bruno Van Steenberghe

Managing Director and Founder


Bruno Van Steenberghe is the Founder and Managing Director of KALANI-home. Before, Bruno has been in charge of the sourcing, marketing, product dvlpt, supply chain and sustainability for different brands for >22 years and has extensive field experience in many countries. After 12 years in the conventional textile industry he decided to follow his convictions. Returning to study in 2010, focusing on sustainable apparel/textiles to enhance his expertise. He then co-created a sustainable success story apparel brand in 2011 being responsible for building the sustainability strategy and production supply chain from scratch. In 2015, Bruno left the apparel sector and launch it’s own new brand of home textiles. He has been Board Member of TextileExchange Europe during 3 years, he is member of the executive committee of OCRT and TE Catalyst. He believes that sustainability is not only about certifications; it’s also about acting according to your beliefs. He likes details, because details make the difference and the real differentiation. Last but not least, Bruno has a deep passion for sustainability in general and a love to train, share and help others.