Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector


Marsha Dickson

President and Co-Founder
Better Buying Institute


Dr. Marsha Dickson is President and Co-Founder of Better Buying Institute. Better BuyingTM was founded to elevate the voice of suppliers and even out the power dynamics in the consumer goods sector with a focus on improving workplace conditions and wages for workers. The organization reimagines supply chain sustainability, leveraging data to strengthen supplier-buyer relationships by improving purchasing practices. Dr. Dickson began Better BuyingTM while she was Irma Ayers Professor, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies, at the University of Delaware where she gained wide recognition as a global academic leader for her research, teaching, and practical engagement with global suppliers, retailers/brands, and sustainability groups. Through sustained engagement, Dr. Dickson has built thoughtful working relationships with leaders in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, buying groups, suppliers, industry associations, civil society organizations, and foundations.