OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector


Kristina Ampeva

Association for the Protection of Workers' Rights, Glasen Textilec



Kristina Ampeva is a civil activist and a fierce advocate for human and labor rights. With 8 years of personal experience in the textile industry, she witnessed violations of workers' rights, including hers, motivating her to become the president of the Glasen Tekstilec association (Loud Textile Worker). Since 2017 she has actively fought for the interests of garment workers, striving for improved labor conditions and fair treatment. Having personally endured the challenges within the textile industry, Kristina is deeply committed to eradicating workplace discrimination and advocating for a living wage. As president of Glasen Tekstilec, she is representing the struggle for workers' rights at international forums, and the organization is providing free legal aid for thousands of workers. Kristina was previously an integral part of labor law reform working groups, leveraging her industry experience to push for impactful changes. Though she is currently not involved in these groups, her dedication to social justice remains unwavering.

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