2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


Katja Rangsivek

Prevention Adviser
Serious Fraud Office (NZ)


Katja is a Prevention Advisor working in the SFO Strategy and Prevention team. At the SFO she focuses on corruption and the functioning of political systems. She brings her research skills to create a deeper understanding of corruption and fraud in New Zealand. Katja also takes a gender lens to the SFO’s prevention work. Before joining the SFO, Katja gained extensive experience in the government, non-government and academic sector in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. She holds a MA from Humboldt University Berlin and a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. In her academic work she explores issues of:  Political history and political culture  Patron-client networks  Social structure, organization and class Kinship and gender Katja believes that corruption is detrimental not to the political system but most importantly to the people who depend on it. An equitable society can only be achieved when the wellbeing of people is the priority. Corruption is the opposite of that. She is passionate about putting her experience to good use in the fight against corruption by collaborating with and equipping agencies with knowledge and connections to implement sustainable corruption prevention activities/strategies that can adapt to the ever-evolving challenges.