2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


Aurimas Navys

Head of Corporate Security
Ignitis Group


Aurimas Navys spent more than 17 years in Lithuanian Armed Forces mostly being in service as the Special Operations Forces officer. While serving he was the key person in creating robust and just selection system for the anti-terrorist Armed Forces unit (Special Purpose Service) back in 1998. He also had the chance to draft the first Lithuanian Special operations doctrine and played an instrumental role accomplishing the task in 2005. Later, he was among the team members that started the NATO SOF HQ (Coordination Center as it was called in 2007). In the period of 2012 - 2015 he had a great opportunity to advise and actually build-up the Strategic Communications in the military at the CHODs office. Retired he continue to serve his country by being busy with the corruption prevention, risk and threats analysis in the energy and fintech sectors in Lithuania. His quote: "I sincerely think that the way to the well-being of every human and all humanity is the never ending process of the self-education and growing of the self-consciousness."