2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


Lê Minh Khái

Government Inspector-General
Viet Nam


Le Minh Khai is a Vietnamese politician. Born in 1964 and growing up in the rural area of Bac Lieu province of Viet Nam, he made great efforts to study and got a scholarship to study abroad in the former Soviet Union. He has good economics, acounting and auditing background and knowledge with bachelor degree in economic engineering, a Master's degree in accounting and auditing, and advanced political theory. He has rich experience in legislation making in the field of governance and public administration, auditing, anti-corruption and settlement of citizens’ complaints. Throughout his working career, he has been designated with important strategic tasks and missions. He is currently the Secretary of the Viet Nam Communist Party’s Central Committee and the Inspector General of the Government of Vietnam. Before holding his current position, he held many other important positions, including Deputy State Auditor General (for the period of 2007 – 2014), the Secretary of Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee (for the term of 2015 – 2017). Le Minh Khai is also the Head of the Delegation of National Assembly Members of Bac Lieu province (for the term of 2016 – 2021). He is married with two children.