2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


Anastasia Gkoutzeli

Inspector, Special Labor Inspectorate
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Greece


Anastasia Gkoutzeli has graduated from the Department of Public Administration in Panteion University, speaks two foreign languages (English, French) and works in the Labor Inspectorate as a Labor Inspector the last twenty years. Since 2014, she is a Special Labor Inspector and among her duties is to carry out regular documented internal audits of the operation of the individual Services of the Labor Inspectorate and to submit relevant reports for the improvement of the provided work. Furthermore, her competences include external audits of companies for the implementation of labor legislation, the control of the insurance coverage of the employees, as well as providing information to employees, employers and social parthers on labor issues. During her term of office she has attended training seminars at the National Centre of Public Administration and has participated in committees and working groups. In 2020, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Department of Social Policy of Panteion University "Analysis and Problems of Social Policy".