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Audrey Pulvar

Ville de Paris



Audrey Pulvar is a french feminist and environmental activist, and was born in 1972 in Martinique, FWI. Since june 2020, she’s been elected deputy mayor of Paris, and is particularly in charge with agriculture and food issues, for the city of Paris. Former Chairwoman of FNH, the Foundation for Nature and Mankind, she’d created an endowment fund named AfricanPattern which goal was to define a new sustainable economic development template, based on African knowledges and to support projects on the field, in Africa, about sustainable development and biodiversity. In June 2017, she ended her career as a political journalist and decided to move to a more concrete commitment. She put her reputation and her persuasion skills to the service of the common good and a fair environmental transition. She was elected chairwoman of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind. For 25 years, between 1992 and 2017, Audrey PULVAR was a french political journalist. She worked, as journalist, anchorwoman, editor-in-chief and CEO, within fifteen French national media outlets - radios, televisions, print medias - including France 3, France 2, France Inter, the Canal Plus Group and Les Inrockuptibles. She wrote several books : - L'Enfant-Bois/Ed. Mercure de France 2005 - Libres Comme Elles/ Ed. La Martinière 2014 - Libres et Insoumis / Ed. La Martinière 2015 - La Femme/ Ed. Flammarion 2016