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Florentin Blanc


Senior Policy Analyst


Florentin Blanc has been working for nearly 20 years in international development and cooperation issues, and over 16 years on regulatory policy and regulatory delivery. He has worked in over 40 countries throughout most of the world, with a particular focus on regulatory enforcement and inspections, a topic on which he has written or contributed to a number of major publications, including for the OECD (2014 Principles and 2018 Toolkit). He has also extensive experience and expertise in food safety regulation, technical regulations and product-market regulations, risk-based regulation, licensing and permitting etc. He holds a PhD in Law in Leiden University (NL) on how risk-based inspections and enforcement can contribute to improving regulatory outcomes (public welfare) while also reducing the economic costs of regulation and strengthening state legitimacy. After an initial career in education, and 3 years in an international NGO, he worked for 15 years with the World Bank Group, with occasional consulting assignments for the OECD and other organizations or countries. He has also been conducting research work, in particular on questions linked to the drivers of regulatory compliance and behaviour change. Since 2019, he has joined the OECD to lead work on regulatory delivery, in particular inspections, enforcement, technological transformation of regulation, and administrative barriers issues, as well as develop work on technical regulations (food safety, product safety, environmental protection etc.).

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