Digital Ministerial

Exploring the Going Digital Toolkit (workshop)

Dec 14, 2022 | 5:15 PM GMT - 6:30 PM GMT

Room 4


Digital transformation affects many aspects of the economy and society in complex and interrelated ways, and the Going Digital Toolkit helps countries navigate these changes and the trade-offs that policy makers need to make. The Toolkit maps a core set of indicators to each of the seven policy dimensions of the Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework and allows users to interactively explore these data to assess a country’s state of digital development. The Toolkit also contains OECD policy guidance and insights related to each of the policy dimensions to help governments design and implement policies that are fit for the digital age. Join us for an interactive workshop to explore the exciting new “Data Kitchen” explorer feature, the French and Hebrew Toolkit experiences, and new directions for the Toolkit going forward.

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