Digital Ministerial


Wolfgang Krips


SVP Corporate Strategy


On January 2019, Wolfgang was appointed to lead Amadeus’ Corporate Strategy. He has the global responsibility of proposing, aligning and coordinating the global strategy of the company. This includes a number of activities from carrying out analysis and studies on specific sectors and companies, to executing the right partnerships, ventures and M&A activity. Wolfgang joined Amadeus on January 1st, 2013, as VP Global Operations and Deputy GM, taking over full responsibility for the management of technology operations from Eberhard Haag. Subsequently, on July 1st, 2017, he was appointed Senior Vice President, Technology Platforms & Engineering and General Manager Amadeus Data Processing. This responsibility included the Data Processing Centre, which operates and maintains the systems and network for all Amadeus products. Before joining Amadeus, Wolfgang held various senior management positions at SAP in development, IT and services - among them Senior Vice President Globalization Services, Head of Global IT Infrastructure Services, Managing Director of SAP Managed Services / SAP Hosting, Senior Vice President for Partner Care & Enablement Services, Vice President in the corporate strategy group. Prior to SAP, Wolfgang was an Associate Principal with McKinsey & Company until 2002. He began his career at Alcatel, where he was Head of a Research and Development department until 1996. Wolfgang holds a Ph.D. in physics and studied economics at Germany’s Open University Hagen.

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