Digital Ministerial


Robert Kroplewski


Plenipotentiary of Minister of Digital Affairs for Information Society, Chancellery of Prime Minister


Robert Kroplewski is a legal adviser, a long-term practitioner of technological convergence and a specialist in the field of new technologies law and their transfer, electronic media and social communication services (since 1994). His practice was born out of connection of three passions to creativity, technology and law. He constantly advices taking into consideration the experience of transformation prosses of the system, the economy and the market and autonomy of man in the information revolution. Plenipotentiary of the polish Minister of Digital Affairs for Information Society. CEO of the Digital Platform of Future Industry hosted by State Treasure Foundation of the Platform of Future Industry in Poland. Co-author of The Report Economy based on Data – Industry Plus. Steward and co-author of The Policy of development AI in Poland from 2020 Member of the high-level expert group on AI Strategy for the European Commission (AIHLEG), member of AIGO expert group of OECD, expert of the network of artificial intelligence experts ONEAI. Member of AI Policy Observatory in OECD. Expert of CAHAI in Council of Europe, expert of AHEG in UNESCO. Polish delegation coordinator and expert of Global Partnership on AI (GPAI). And co-author of papers and deliverables produced by these expert groups. Co-chair of WP AIGO OECD, Member of the Polish Chamber of Counselors. Founder and owner of law firm.