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Filiz Yılmaz


Director, Business Development Interconnection EMEA


Filiz Yılmaz is the Director of Business Development Interconnection for EMEA at Equinix, a global, vendor-neutral ,multi-tenant data center provider. She leads the development of long-term interconnection strategies, including the identification of investment opportunities and technology trends driving the evolution of digital strategies in the region. Filiz has worked in the technology sector for over two decades. She began her career developing some of the earliest Internet services in her native Türkiye in the late 90s before moving to Amsterdam. After holding senior roles at the RIPE NCC, ICANN and at Akamai Technologies, she took on consulting roles with a variety of edge infrastructure providers. Filiz brought her deep understanding of regional connectivity together with a global perspective on transit and peering to increase the reach and performance of many well-known Internet services. Filiz joined Equinix in June 2022. Throughout her career Filiz has been an active contributor to the Internet community. She has held numerous volunteer positions relating to Internet governance and policy, including the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Advisory Council (AC) and IANA Review Committee (RC), the RIPE Programme Committee and the Türkiye Chapter of the Internet Society. Filiz is a regular Guest Colloquia lecturer in the System and Network Engineering Programme of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and is a former member of the programme’s Ethics Committee.

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