Digital Ministerial


Martina Le Gall Malakova


Managing Director


Mrs. Martina Le Gall Maláková, has extensive international experience in the creation and implementation of national and international innovation policies focused on digitalization and digital transformation and its impact. At Business at OECD (BIAC), she participates in the CDEP, SMEs and Education Committees on behalf of the National Union of Employers. This year, the Executive Board of BIAC has formally approved her as the Vice-chair of the SME Committee. She is a member of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group established by the EC and ENISA on behalf BUSINESS EUROPE (BE), the Digital Economy Task Force Committee at BE, a member of the Permanent Commission for Ethics and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence, established by the Ministry of Investments and Informatization of Slovakia and a member of the EIT Manufacturing East Advisory Board, focused on strengthening European industry. She has supported the innovation ecosystem by the transfer of knowledge from R&I into practice as a co-founder and President of the Industrial Innovation Cluster (IIC) from 2017, which established Gaia – X Hub Slovakia - an European initiative on the data economy. She is the owner and Director of the ELECTRIK company, which provides design and electrical installations. Publication: “How can Digitalization Guarantee Political, Economic and Social Stability in Slovakia?” Cahier scientifiques internationaux du réseau PGV, Management and Gouvernance, Nr 23/2020.