Digital Ministerial


Rita Wezenbeek

European Commission

Director of Platforms


Rita Wezenbeek is Director of Platforms in DG CONNECT. The Platforms Directorate is in charge of policies and regulations applicable to online intermediary services, including the supervision of the implementation and enforcement of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act (the latter jointly with DG COMP). These two new Regulations establish strong rules to ensure a safe, fair and open platform economy for European citizens and businesses, and give the Commission significant regulatory powers over “gatekeepers” and very large platforms and search engines. Rita is also Acting Director of Connectivity in DG CONNECT. Its mission is to ensure widespread access to and take-up of gigabit and 5G networks for all citizens and businesses of the European Union, as one of the key targets of the Commission’s Communication “The 2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade”. Rita joined the European Commission in 2002. Before moving to DG CONNECT in December 2020, she was the head of the units dealing with Anti-Trust and Telecommunications (2017-2020) and Retail Financial Services and Payment Systems (2010-2017) in DG Competition. Before joining the Commission, Rita worked for sixteen years as a private lawyer, specialized in European and corporate law, in a Dutch/ Belgian law firm. She also was a Member of the Commission on European Integration, an independent advisory body on foreign policy to the Dutch government and Parliament.