Digital Ministerial


Dohyun Kang


Deputy Minister of Science and ICT


Dr. Kang Dohyun has been appointed a Deputy Minister and the Head of the Office of ICT Policy at the Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) of the Republic of Korea in August 2022, and is focusing on promoting rights-oriented digital transformation as a follow-up to the recently announced the new ‘National Digital Strategy’ of the Korean government. As the Deputy Minister and the Head of the Office of ICT Policy of the MSIT, Dr. Kang is responsible for developing policies to promote digital innovation and secure key digital capabilities, including artificial intelligence, software and data, and supporting the growth of emerging digital industries, including metaverse, blockchain and AI semiconductors. Before he served as the Deputy Minister, Dr. Kang joined the Korean Civil Service in 1994 and has gained a wide range of experience and expertise. In 2015-2016, he led the Software Policy Division, and the ICT Policy Coordination Division as the Director. Dr. Kang served as the Director General in 2019-2021, where he covered the Software Policy, Artificial Intelligence Policy, and ICT Policy Bureau. He obtained his Doctor’s degree in Technology, Management, Economics and Policy Program, in Seoul National University in 2013. Prior to this, he graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs in 1995 and earned a Master’s degree in Law from the Colorado State University, USA, in 2005.

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