Digital education for a strong recovery: A forward look


Daniel Bialecki

Scoyo, Germany

EdTech Consultant, Ex-CEO


Daniel has been working in the field of digital knowledge transfer for over 20 years and is concerned with the question of what really good education can look like in the digital age. As a digital education expert, coach and father of 3 children, his mission is to enable everyone to use their full potential. Daniel started his professional career in the field of digital education, after graduating as an electrical engineer. This frustrating learning experience was key to his passion: searching and fighting for better ways to learn. In 2007, he joined scoyo as one of the first employees. Being scoyos CEO for almost a decade, he made his way to the top in the field of digital education. Today, Daniel is working as an EdTech consultant and coach, lobbying for a new generation of digital education.

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