Digital education for a strong recovery: A forward look

Interactive Workshop: Future Education Scenarios (higher education)

Jun 10, 2021 | 3:00 PM CEST - 5:30 PM CEST

Closed zoom workshop


You are invited to join an interactive workshop on digitalisation and the future of higher education. The workshop continues on the OECD’s work on strategic foresight, and is part of the Smart Data and Digital Technology in Education project. Participants are welcome to share their views and contribute to the OECD’s work on a ‘continuity’ and ‘disruptive’ scenario. This will be an interactive workshop during which active participation is requested (this workshop will be on Zoom and you will need to have your camera and microphone activated in order to participate)


Foresight is a form of scenario building that helps policy makers and educators to identify and better understand current trends and possible future challenges, and to improve their policies. As such, it is an important aspect of the Digital education for a strong recovery conference. These 2x 2.5-hour workshops serve as participative and interactive sessions that allow you to take part in our foresight work on digitalisation and the future of education. Why participate? The 2.5 hour workshop will give participants an opportunity to contribute ideas about what is driving digitalisation in education currently and consider what factors could influence it in the future. You will engage in collaboration with the same small group of other participants for the duration of the workshop to enable in-depth discussion of these ideas. The results of the workshop will be used to inform the development of OECD scenarios for the future of digitalisation in education. You will be asked to keep your cameras on and to actively participate throughout the workshop What are the objectives of the workshop? To identify drivers of change in and around digitalisation in education at different levels and to explore their importance, direction of change and dimensions Who should participate? This workshop is open to students, teachers, policy-makers, experts, entrepreneurs and others. All you need is an interest in thinking about the future of education and the willingness to actively participate and share your thoughts. Which workshop should I participate in? Please note both workshops will involve the same set of activities. The workshop on the 8th June will discuss primary and secondary education. The workshop on the 10th June will focus on higher education. You are welcome to attend both workshops if you are interested in both these areas and would like to repeat the activities. What software will be used? The workshop will take place over zoom and participants will work together in break-out groups. How do I register? Only those who have registered in advance will be able to access or view the session. Please register via the registration button . Deadline for registrations: Midnight CET 8th June 2021.