Digital education for a strong recovery: A forward look


Peggy Brandon

Mocca, Netherlands



Peggy Brandon, born in Surinam, South America, has a master’s degree in Japanese Language and Culture and studied Arts, Communication, Law and Business management. After a career in PR, advertising and sponsoring for Dutch and global companies she was part of the team that renovated the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology. Peggy lived on and off in the United States and is the founding director of the Siebold House, a Japanese museum, jointly commissioned by the Dutch and Japanese government. Currently the director of Mocca, an innovative organization that promotes arts education and creative learning, she promotes diversity and fair opportunities. Peggy Brandon is on the board of several cultural organizations, is a speaker on International seminars, published a culturally diverse Children’s book on arts in Amsterdam and is writing a book on the Amsterdam arts education model she helped devise.