Online conference: Towards an effective and equitable digital education ecosystem


Tatiana Laganá


Independent Researcher


Tatiana Laganá is an educational consultant with expertise in pedagogy. She possesses a bachelor's degree in physics and a Doctorate in Science, specializing in Astrophysics, coupled with a career within prominent international research institutes. She has extensive experience in teaching, data analysis and producing research papers. In addition to her academic achievements, Tatiana holds a degree in Pedagogy, and is skilled in integrating technology tools to enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment methodologies. She is adept in innovation-oriented activities to drive digital transformation within the education sector. Together with the Expert Group of the OECD, Tatiana also conducted the PILA pilot in Brazil to explore the perspectives of teachers and coordinators in public schools in Ceará state concerning digital literacy, computational thinking and abilities in ‘learning to learn.’

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