Online conference: Towards an effective and equitable digital education ecosystem


Peter Karlberg

Swedish National Agency for Education, Sweden

Director of Education


Peter Karlberg has been working in different positions within the field of education with a focus on the use of ICT since the 80s. During his time at the Ministry of Education in the beginning of the 90s he was involved in curriculum development and responsible for the field of ICT use. During the later part of the 90’s Peter Karlberg worked at the Swedish Institute for System Development (SISU) as a researcher/senior analyst. Here he also developed an interest in metadata and standards for information management. From 2001 he became an expert at the Swedish National Agency for Education with a special responsibility for the strategic program for soft infrastructure which ran for 8 years. He also head the Swedish standard committee (TK450) on ICT in education and participate in international standardisation work. Currently he is senior adviser at the National Agency for Education with focus on the use of ICT from different perspectives such as school and curriculum development, information managing and infrastructure. He is also the Swedish representative in EUN and has long experience in international cooperation as the Swedish representative/manager. His expertise includes follow up studies both on actual use and on the impact on the learning environment of new technology. This also includes professional competence development related issues. He was also involved in the LACE-project focusing on the use of learning analytics in the school-sector. He was part of the core team developing the proposal for a new strategy for the digitalization of schools in Sweden and additions to the national curricula regarding digital competence including programming which was later decided by the government 2016/17. Currently he also work with the implementation of digital national tests that will start in 2024.

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