Online conference: Towards an effective and equitable digital education ecosystem


Aik Yang Ng

HoloTracker, Singapore



Aik is the co-founder and CEO of HoloTracker, an EdTech tool that facilitates the substantiation of learners' social emotional growth and development. He started as an education entrepreneur when he was 15 years old, and has since worked with over 15,000 students, teachers and school leaders on educational innovation, particularly in the Global South. He has also been an active collaborator and organiser of cross-cultural learning conferences in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Aik currently leads Singapore-based EdTech start-up, HoloTracker. Supporting >30,000 learners and educators spanning 20+ public schools in Singapore, it makes learning explicit and adaptive by empowering the capture, synthesis and communication of observational data. Leveraging AI, users generate real-time visualisations and natural language draft reports that reinforce each individual's unique growth. HoloTracker has been invited by the Ministry of Education in Singapore to propose a nationwide implementation, and is also scaling outreach in Asia and the Americas.

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